Timing a process

So I wanted to see how long some of my code took and if it didn’t take long enough, make it take longer. Yes, I really said that and I have a good reason for it.

My use case is this:

  • I have a process that is being kicked off using BackgroundWorker.
  • For user experience reasons, I wanted my WPF GUI spinner to have a minimum time of 1.2 seconds that it spins while a process runs.

See my spinner post: WPF replacement options for an animated gif or How to make a spinner?

Here is what I did:

    void worker_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
            Stopwatch timer = new Stopwatch();

            // Now lets do the work that you need a spinner for
            // Your code goes here ....


            // Lets make sure the GUI spinner has at least 1.2 seconds of spin
            int i = 1200 - (int)timer.ElapsedMilliseconds;
            if (i > 0)

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