WPF self-training course for designers

WPF is not just for the developer, it is for the designer too. Learning to design a WPF application is quite different than learning to develop a C# application with a WPF user interface. Instead of Visual Studio, designers use Expression Studio, which includes Expression Blend, Expression Design, Expression Encoder, and Expression Web.

Note: This site isn’t going to teach you to be an artist or designer. It is assumed you are here because you are already an artist or designer that is looking to learn Expression Studio.

Obviously this course is just getting started.  While you wait for it to mature, watch the videos Microsoft has made available about Expression Studio.  I have created a check list of the videos here:
Expression Studio Training Videos

Step 1 – Introduction to Expression Studio

Expression Design

The easiest way to learn Expression Design is to actually start using it.  Here are some examples of creating art in Expression Design.

  1. How to create a sphere in Expression Design
  2. How to make a transparent cube in Expression Design

Expression Studio + SketchFlow

Expression Studio is the designer tool for making amazing applications.


Example Projects for Designers

  1. WPF replacement options for an animated gif

A self-training course will be created post by post over time….