WPF NavigationService blanks PasswordBox.Password, which breaks the MVVM PasswordHelper

I am using three things that are just not friends:

  • Pages and NavigationService
  • Model-View-ViewModel design
  • The PasswordBox control

Problem 1 – PasswordBox.Password is not a DependencyProperty

First off, Model-View-ViewModel is design centered around data binding. But PasswordBox.Password is not a DependencyProperty and therefore does not support binding. That is ok, a PasswordBoxAssistant (alternately I have seen it named PasswordHelper or PasswordBoxHelper) as described originally here and also here fixes seems to fix this.

That is, it fixes it unless you are using the NavigationService.

Problem 2 – NavigationService blanks PasswordBox.Password

See when the NavigationService navigates to another page, it somehow know that the current page has a PasswordBox and if it finds a PasswordBox, it blanks the password out.  So since we are using PasswordBoxHelper to make MVVM and data binding work, the value is blanked in the ViewModel and Model as well.

For now, I happen to be using a custom button for navigation so I can simply do this in my ViewModel:

String tempPw = MyPassword;
MyPassword = tempPw;

However, this is not the best solution. What if there were multiple links and different ways to navigate?

I think the best solution would be to figure out how to make PasswordBoxAssistant handle this. But I am not sure how or if there is anyway to tell that the password was blanked by the NavigationService and to ignore binding in this instance.


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