I use WPF

I am a big fan of WPF and I use it when ever I can. I love XAML and I love data binding. The MVVM design pattern really helps in creating a decoupled, maintainable product.

As I work on my Masters of Computer Science, I do my homework with full WPF and Binding  using MVVM because it is fast and clean. If I take time to open it in Expression Blend and work on the WPF Design, it looks good too.

Check out my latest Unit Test project over on my other blog. I of course wrote it in WPF using Binding and MVVM.

Unit Test Stub Code Generator for Covering Arrays


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  2. Takashi says:

    Hi, I follow you on twetitr and listed to all your Yet Another Podcast . I really love those because they are very simple and fun to listen over and over. I also learned a lot from your pluralsight courses like Telerik XAML Win8 Controls and other windows 8 courses. I would love to see if you can create one on Securing web api course on pluralsight.Just a suggestion, p.s. love what you are doing for the community.Thank youVijaya Malla.

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