WPF Binding to a property of a static class

Binding to a property of a static class is quite straight forward.

The binding string looks like this:

{x:Static s:MyStaticClass.StaticValue2}

For an example do this:

  1. Create a new folder in your project called Statics.
  2. Add the following class to the Statics folder.
    using System;
    namespace BindingToStaticClassExample.Statics
        public static class MyStaticClass
            static MyStaticClass()
                Title = "Binding to properties of Static Classes";
                StaticValue1 = "Test 1";
                StaticValue2 = "Test 2";
                StaticValue3 = "Test 3";
            public static String Title { get; set; }
            public static String StaticValue1 { get; set; }
            public static String StaticValue2 { get; set; }
            public static String StaticValue3 { get; set; }
  3. Add a reference to the BindingToStaticClassExample.Statics namespace. (See line 4.)
  4. Bind the title to the Title string value of MyStaticClass.
  5. Change the <Grid> to a <StackPanel> (not required just for ease of this example).
  6. Add TextBox elements and bind them to the two string values in MyStaticClass object.
    <Window x:Class="BindingToStaticClassExample.MainWindow"
            Title="{x:Static s:MyStaticClass.Title}" Height="350" Width="525">
            <TextBox Text="{x:Static s:MyStaticClass.StaticValue1}" />
            <TextBox Text="{x:Static s:MyStaticClass.StaticValue2}" />
            <!-- Not supported and won't work
                    <Binding Source="{x:Static s:MyStaticClass.StaticValue3}" />

You now know how to bind to properties of a static class.

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