Submitting bugs and requesting enhancements to WPF

So I ran into a WPF bug the other day with the new .NET 4 DataGrid. It is both annoying and cool to find a bug. Annoying because, well, it is a bug and I ran into it which means what I was trying to do won’t exactly work. Cool, because you always feel cool to contribute by finding and submitting bugs. (For more information on my bug, check out the details here: DataGrid has weird extra column on one line)

Anyway, I learned where to submit bugs and where to submit enhancement requests for Windows Presentation Foundation.  Previous, I thought this was handled on a site at but that site is no longer in use it appears.  Instead the site is

It is pretty cool because on a couple days later they have noted the DataGrid bug I found is confirmed and already fixed.  The fix will be released in .NET 4.5.

Submitting Bugs and Enhancements for WPF

To report a bug or submit an enhancement suggestion for WPF, follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Login using your Windows Live Id. (If you don’t have a Windows Live Id, get one.)
  3. You then have to join the group. On the right of the page, it shows you the number of products accepting bugs and separately the number of products accepting enhancements. Click on one of them. (Note, if you want to submit both bugs and enhancements, you may have to perform these steps on both, for some reason on one account I did, but on another account I didn’t.)
  4. From the list of products, find Windows Presentation Foundation and click join.
  5. Accept the license agreement and click continue.
  6. Now click the Feedback tab on the left.
  7. Now click the Submit Feedback button.
  8. Choose the bug form link or general suggestion link.
  9. Fill out the form and be extremely detailed and provide every possible piece of information you can.
    Note: I provide a sample project that duplicates the issue.

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